The Smooth Collaboration Creation of ‘Sketches of Brunswick East’ by King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard and Mild High Club

Sketches of Brunswick East brings together the fusion of smooth jazz with elements of Bossa Nova and psychedelic adventure rock, but it also draws attention to more intricate details in its modulation between heavy, fuzzy & thrashy rock riffs to more cool and collective strolling harmonies and melodies that blend in an effortlessly smooth fashion.

For King Gizzard’s 3rd album this year (out of five!!!) they have proven once again that they are certainly not limited to one type of genre or sound and most impressively, they manage to maintain their unique ‘King-Gizz-esque’ sound while exploring the varying eclectic styles in the realms of music. Mild High Club bring to the table their swaying jazz influences with waltzy tempos and timbres that smoothen out Gizzard’s renowned rockier edges to a point that fuses the two bands together in this wonderful, serene unified way that makes me hope to hear another collaboration from the two bands. There is no shortage of splendor with spellbinding strums and groan-inducing riffs that make this album an absolute delight and pleasure to sit down and listen to right through.

One stand out track  for me is Dusk To Dawn on Lygon Street. Once I heard the bass riff in this song, I instantly felt goosebumps from the sheer tingling pleasure that penetrated my ear drums and resonated right through my body almost as if I was bouncing on the bass strings while this spectacular riff was being played. This ‘to and fro’-like sway between the touch of melancholic angst and the warmth of joyous release induces some seriously gut-wrenching groans of enjoyment that leave you wanting to play the song on an endless loop in order to maintain that surge of contentment. If a song has the power to lift sensations in this way, I believe that it most certainly deserves a listen! This song is just one example of many on this album that show the power that it has to hook you into its mind cleansing musical concoctions that have components of hypnotic and sometimes chaotic motions intertwined with laid back rhymes and rhythms.

I can honestly say I believe that this album is a refreshingly mellow masterpiece that I adore and it deserves an enormous amount of praise for its voyage into profound new dimensions of music fusion and exploration.






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